ST215C Controller

ST215C kiln controller

ST215C Controller

The ST215C is a universal controller suitable for any single-zone glass and ceramic kilns equipped with a controller socket. The controller has 32 programs, each with up to 32 ramp/soak segments.

The ST215C can be supplied with an optional Wi-Fi interface allowing it to connect to our server via any domestic or commercial Wi-Fi router. By logging into our Kiln Portal website ( you can view the current status of your controller. The Kiln Portal can be configured to automatically log all of your firings, capturing the time/date of the firing, details of the program used and a record of the kiln temperature history. The Kiln Portal can also be used to upload, view, edit and download programs.

The WiFi interface also comes with a USB interface which allows logging of kiln temperatures to a USB flash (thumb) drive.

The ST215C comes fitted with a plug lead and a wall mounting bracket.

ST215C Documentation