Q. I switch my kiln on but there is no power to the controller.

The display does not light. Most modern kilns have door interlock switches fitted. These prevent power going to the controller when the kiln door is open. This is a safety feature. It prevents the kiln door being open and live kiln elements being exposed. Check that the kiln door is fully closed and that the locking key if fitted is fully home.

Q. How do I know what type of thermocouple is fitted to my kiln?

A. The thermocouple type is normally marked on the thermocouple, either near the terminal connection block if fitted or by an attached label. If you are not sure then contact the kiln manufacturer or the person who supplied you with the thermocouple.

Q. I want to alter the configuration of my controller to match the type of thermocouple I have fitted, how do I do this?

A. With great care, check and double check. All current Stafford Instruments controllers have the facility to do this by a set up menu. Look at the relevant Installation Manual for your controller for this information. They can be looked at or downloaded and printed out from the relevant controller- specific web pages on this site. (You will need a pdf viewer in order to do this). A pdf viewer (Adobe Reader) can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe.com