Cookies policy

Version number: 1.0
Effective date: 03 September 2020

  1. We use cookies and other tracking technologies on our website. A cookie is an identifier (a small
    file of letters and numbers) that is sent to your web browser. Cookies are widely used to make
    websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the website owner or
    others. Some are session temporary “session” cookies that remain in the cookie file of
    your browser only until your browser is closed. Whereas persistent cookies stay for longer
    (depending on the lifetime of the specific cookie). For further information on cookies, including
    how to use your browser to block them and how to delete existing cookies, visit: Our site’s
    functionality will be limited if you configure your browser to reject cookies. 

    1. We ourselves may place the following types of cookies:
      Type of cookies Purpose
      Logged-in status Assess whether you are logged in to our site
      Preferences Store information about the preferences you’ve selected (eg favourites, currency, wishlists) and personalise the site
      Shopping cart Remember contents of your cart and related preferences
      Security Provide security-related features to protect our site, for example to help stop fraudulent logins
      Cookie notice Store your response to our cookie notice, if applicable
    2. Companies which provide us with a service also place cookies. Some of these cookies (e.g. from
      Google) may involve certain information, such as your IP address and web address of the page you’re
      visiting, being sent to the company concerned. Below is a summary of the kinds of cookies used
      together with details about who places them and where you can go to get more information and to opt
      out (where possible): 

      • Analytics cookies:These kinds of cookies recognise and count the number of website visitors as well as providing other information about the visit such as duration, route through the website and where the visitor came from. This information helps us to improve the way our website works, for example by making sure users find what they need easily. These cookies are provided by:
      • Advertising cookies:These kinds of cookies are typically used to
        personalise ads on this or other sites based on your use of our site, to measure ad effectiveness
        (for example, how often you click on or view ads and whether you go on to buy something from the
        advertiser) and to stop you being shown the same ad repeatedly. These cookies are provided by: 

        • Google (including Analytics Ad Features / AdSense / Doubleclick)
        • Facebook (including “Facebook Pixel”)
          • Facebook’s cookies policy (see
            especially under “Advertising, recommendations, insights and measurement”) including how
            to control Facebook’s use of cookies
          • Facebook’s privacy policy
        • Microsoft’s Bing
          • Microsoft’s privacy policy including how to control Microsoft’s use of cookies

        Note that there are various places where you can go to opt out of many companies’ advertising cookies in one go including some or all of the above:

      • Social media cookies: These kinds of cookies are placed by social media companies
        when you use their features on another site, for example if you play embedded audio or video, click
        a Facebook “like” or sent a tweet. These features may involve the relevant companies
        using cookies to collect information relating to your visit to our website or your interaction with
        their services or otherwise. Click the following links for further information including how to opt
        out where this is possible: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube
      • Payment provider cookies: Our payment provider may place cookies if you use their
        payment services on our site: 

      • Third party log-in cookies: If you log in through a third party website, that
        website will place its own cookies on your computer: 

      • Cloudflare cookies: Cloudflare, our hosting / security provider, may place cookies in connection with its service. See its privacy policy.